Top Restaurants in Bursa For Some Delicious Food

Top Restaurants in Bursa For Some Delicious Food

Best Famous Restaurants in Bursa

This post introduces some of the best restaurants in Bursa for those staying in this city or even tourists visiting here. Bursa is one of the largest business hubs in the northwest of Turkey. Also, with multiple cultural attractions and cuisines, this city has a deep history in making great dishes. These are some of the top eateries which you can visit and enjoy some local and international food.

Uzan Et Mangal With A Great View

Top Restaurants in Bursa For Some Delicious Food - Uzan Et Mangal Has Excellent Food & Customer Service

Uzan Et Mangal is one of top restaurants in Bursa which has been preparing meat for its valuable customers for 3 generations/ This restaurant has good reputation for its quality, taste and excellent customer service. If you are thinking of appetizing foods like juicy kebabs, one of the best choices is Uzan Et Mangal. This is a restaurant with a variety of delicious steaks and kebabs to suit your family. In this restaurant you can have everything from meatballs and sausages to Turkish kebabs and steaks. In addition, desserts such as baklava, kadaif or local Bursa specialty sweets are served.

Rumeli Kardeşler Sofrası in Osmangazi

Rumeli Kardeşler Sofrası is Famous For its Lamb Kebabs- Tukey Food Guide

For those who want to have home-cooked Turkish food, Rumeli Kardeşler Sofrası is the place to go. Located in the quiet area of Osmangazi, this restaurants has many specialty that brings both locals and tourists alike. Their lam dishes as well as their kebabs and mixed bean dishes are the ones you should order. Their kitchen is always clean and there are lot of places for you and your family to seat. It is good to know that you should visit here before noon since the demand for food is high here. if you arrive late in the evening you might not get the delicacies that they are famous for since those run out very fast.

Zennup1844 near Eker Meydanı

Zennup1844 Belongs to  Chef Hayat Akkor - Top Restaurants in Bursa For Some Delicious Food

Zennup1844 is another one of famous restaurants in Bursa which is the place most people visit when they have formal business meetings. This restaurant belongs to Chef Hayat Akkor which opened in Bursa with the help of his two friends. The name of this restaurant, Zennup was the name of his grandmother, and 1844 was the date of the first cookbook written in Turkish.

The chefs here produce bread from 150-year-old sourdough and Anatolian wheat in the oven using traditional techniques. The most interesting idea is that local restaurants in bursa is that they prepare their menu on daily basis and you might see the same item at all time here. If you want to eat inside a beautiful and clean setting, make sure to give Zennup 1884 a try especially on important occasions.

Dababa Restaurant in Esentepe Gürler Cad

Dababa Restaurant Serves Italian Pizzas And Pastas

Food in Bursa is not all about Turkish cuisine and interestingly you can even find great Italian pizza as well. Some of the menu items include pasta, pizzas, salads and starters like Bruschetta. The good things about dining here is that most of the staff speak English and the interior design here is very welcoming and soothing. Their prices are generally more expensive in comparison to Turkish restaurants. However, if you want to take a break from having local food, the extra fee definitely worth it.

Tavacı Refik near Karacabey Devlet Hastanesi

Turkey Food Guide - Tavacı Refik Has a Beautiful View of The Pond

This restaurant is one of the prominent restaurants in Bursa. Tavacı Refik has been serving its guests with traditional Turkish and international cuisine for a long time. If eating delicious food with a beautiful view of the pond is a priority for you, this restaurant can be a good place to visit. Start the meal first with delicious and sweet Turkish drinks and then order the main dishes such as Ali Nazik. This meal which is made with lamb, smoked eggplant and yogurt. Finally, finish your meal with Cheese cake, Kemalpaşa and pumpkin dessert.

Hasköyüm Pidecisi in Nilüfer Hatun Cd

Hasköyüm Pidecisi Has Been in Operation Since 1998 - Top Restaurants in Bursa For Some Delicious Food

This restaurant has been known as one of the most popular restaurants in Bursa since 1998. It has retained its populate over the following years. They make a special dish of their own, which is very tasty and popular. This pizza-like dish is made in a variety of ways, different fillings and is served with a variety of drinks. Here you can choose varieties such as Kiymali (with beef and mutton, tomatoes, onions, peppers and mixed spices) or Pastirmali Kasarli (beef, normal cheese and goat cheese). In addition, there are other classic Turkish dishes such as meatballs and manti. You can order all of them which also have very reasonable prices.

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