Cheap Restaurants in Beyoglu

Cheap Restaurants in Beyoglu

Afordable Restaurants in Beyoglu

Istanbul’s Beyoglu district is one of the city’s most famous areas, one of the most touristy neighborhoods where you can find cheap restaurants in Beyoglu as well. Famous attractions such as Galata Tower, Taksim Square, Istikal Tourist Street, Istanbul’s historic tunnel and hundreds of shops, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and leisure centers are located in the area. So when you travel to Istanbul, you will spend a lot of time in this part of the city. Although there are several restaurants in the Beyoglu region, in this article we want to introduce you to the best cheap restaurants in Istanbul. In these restaurants, you can enjoy the most delicious dishes of Turkey and Istanbul at an affordable and economical price.

Antiochia in General Yazgan Sk

Cheap Restaurants in Beyoglu - Antiochia Provides Tourists With Several Types of Kebabs One of the best cheap restaurants in Istanbul is located in the Asmalı Mescit area and on General Yazgan Sk. In this restaurant, a variety of Turkish dishes are offered to customers under the influence of Arabic cuisine with high creativity and artistry. The menu of this restaurant is not very diverse and has about 10 types of food and several types of kebabs. But all of these dishes are very tasty and offer you everything you would expect from a good food in Istanbul. Antiochia Restaurant serves customers lunch and dinner. So if you are around this restaurant and you want a delicious and tasty Turkish meal, you can try eating in this restaurant.

Hala Manti on Çukurlu Çeşme Sk

Cheap Restaurants in Beyoglu - Hala Manti Serves Manti Which is Similar to Italian Ravioli As soon as you get away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul’s shopping streets, you will reach one of the best cheap restaurants in Istanbul and the Beyoglu neighborhood. Hala Manti Restaurant specializes in cooking and offering Manti, one of Turkey’s traditional dishes, as its name implies. The manti is similar to Italian ravioli or meat dumplings. It consists of a dough that has minced meat and other ingredients inside. The decoration here is in the traditional Anatolian and Turkish style. Also, it has a very intimate and homely atmosphere. There are no alcoholic beverages served at this restaurant, and Muslim travelers can safely try delicious Turkish food. *Update: This store is no longer operational.

Zencefil for Meatballs and Kofte

Cheap Restaurants in Beyoglu - Zencefil Offers Nice Vegan and Vegetarian Food Turkish cuisine and dishes are largely meat-based. Kebabs, meatballs and kofte which are among the most delicious Turkish dishes. However, Zencefil restaurant tries to offer vegetarian and vegan dishes to customers in the heart of the Beyoglu district. If you are a vegetarian or would like to eat delicious and non-meat food, this restaurant is for you. Ginger restaurant with its décor and intimate and pleasant atmosphere is one of the best cheap restaurants in Istanbul and Beyoglu district and has become very popular among the locals and tourists. *Update: This store is currently not open.

Fıccın Restoran in Asmalı Mescit Neighborhood

Istanbul Food Guide - Fıccın Restoran is One of Self Service Restaurants It is another of the best cheap restaurants in beyoglu. You can find it near Istiklal Street, in Asmalı Mescit Neighborhood, and is very popular with its lively atmosphere. Fıccın Restaurant is one of the self service restaurants. This is a self service restaurant, which you can see throughout Istanbul. Also, they have branches in other cities in Turkey. This place offers different dishes, and each customer can take as much food as they want. These restaurants are very popular because of their low price, and Fıccın Restoran is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul. Also, for some dessert check out the best baklava in Istanbul. Some of these dessert shops are available in Beyoglu. However, for the rest you need to walk a bit through the town.
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