Best Restaurants in Kemer

Best Restaurants in Kemer

Top Restaurants in Kemer

Kemer is a seaside town that you can find it near the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. For tourists, restaurants in Kemer are very friendly to foreigners and you can get great seafood as well as wine and other alcoholic drinks here. Moreover, located within the borders of Antalya, Kemer is 40 kilometers from Antalya city center. While it was a small village until the early 1980s, it has become one of the most important centers of Turkish tourism with the facilities opened in the last 20 years. After first becoming a village and then a town, it gained the status of a district on September 13, 1991. Kemer, which lies at the foot of the Western Taurus Mountains and along a 52 km coastline, is one of Turkey’s most important tourism centers. Today, this city has become one of the most popular tourism centers in Turkey. Kemer district and settlements such as Kiriş, Tekirova, Camyuva, Arslanbucak, Kuzdere, Beycik, Göynük, Beldibi and Çıralı have an extremely important place in Antalya tourism. One of Kemer’s main attractions is its natural beauty. There is see, mountains and greenery everywhere. The cleanliness of the sea, the forestry, and the availability of the beaches are very attractive making it one of best places to visit in Turkey. Some of the best places to see here are Liman Street, Moonlight Park, Calistepe and the Harbor in Kemer. Aside from these natural beauties, the food here is also very good and some these places are mentioned here.

Captain Pirate Restaurant Bar in Merkez Mahallesi

Best Restaurants in Kemer - Captain Pirate Restaurant Bar

Captain Pirate Restaurant Bar is probably one of the most famous restaurants in Kemer because of its happening vibe. This restaurant has a nice pirate theme and has many seats available for you to seat both inside and outside. Also, they provide great drinks and wines at the bar which has bar stools in front of it. You can find Captain Pirate Restaurant Bar at the center of the city near the Münir Özkul Liman Cd in Merkez Mahallesi.

Friends Restaurant Close to Halk Plajı

Best Restaurants in Kemer - Friends Restaurant is At Münir Özkul Liman Cd road

For late nigh food and drinks, there is no better place in town than Friends restaurant. This place is truly one of the top restaurants in Kemer that offers both great international food and good night entertainments. Also, they show football and other sporting events on the inside. The location of this amazing place is at center of the city at Münir Özkul Liman Cd road.

Casa La Luna Located on Atatürk Boulevard

Turkey Food Guide - Casa La Luna is Located Near The Atatürk Cd Road For Laid Back Experience

For those that want to experience a more laid back eating experience, they should head to Casa La Luna which is available at the center of Kemer near the Atatürk Cd road. This restaurant offers great food, great wine as well as fantastic service. The menu here is diverse and you can have both meat based as well as vegetarian food the way you prefer it.

Monte Kemer Restaurant near Ralli Sahası Park

Best Restaurants in Kemer - Monte Kemer Restaurant is Located Out of The City Center

Monte Kemer Restaurant is located slightly out of the city center. However, you can expect great Turkish dishes here. This place is one of the best restaurants in Kemer for having authentic Turkish dishes as well as some great fried fish and seafood.

Merhaba Garden Restaurant next to Kemer Merkez Mall

Turkey Food Guide - Merhaba Garden Restaurant is Found Near The Atatürk Bulvarı

Merhaba Garden Restaurant belongs to a Turkish-Swiss couple that truly pride themselves in making top notch healthy food for both locals and tourists. The place has recently been renovated and has a good open space around it. They generally serve great steaks here that comes with some nice grilled vegetables. Also, they have a nice selection of great red and white wines here. You can find Merhaba Garden Restaurant near the Atatürk Bulvarı.
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