Antalya Restaurants To Visit For Tourists And Travelers

Antalya Restaurants To Visit For Tourists And Travelers

Best of Antalya Restaurants

Visiting the best Antalya restaurants and the experience of eating traditional Turkish food as well as eating international food are definitely the most memorable memories of traveling to this city. Antalya is one of the most beautiful and recreational cities in Turkey, which is visited by many tourists from all over the world every year. Antalya is a coastal city located next to the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean and today has become one of the most touristic cities in the world.

Gazetta Brasserie

Antalya Restaurants To Visit For Tourists And Travelers - Gazetta Brasserie Antalya Offers Italian Pizza

The Gazzetta Restaurant is one of few Antalya restaurants that serves a variety of Italian, Mediterranean, pizza and steak dishes. You can dine at the Gazzetta Restaurant for lunch and dinner and enjoy live music in the surroundings. Also, the Gazzetta restaurant offers a variety of authentic and delicious Italian pizzas in a stone oven that is a favorite amongst locals. The most delicious dishes on the Gazzetta Barseri restaurant menu include beef steaks, seafood pasta and a variety of burgers. Gazzetta Restaurant is located in the old and spectacular neighborhood of Kalichi, Antalya. After a tour of the area, you can dine at Gazzetta Restaurant. You can find this restaurant located in the Barbaros neighborhood, in proximity of Muratpaşa Alp Paşa Hotel Karşısında, on Hesapçı street.

Arma Restaurant

Antalya Restaurants To Visit For Tourists And Travelers - Arma Restaurant Has The View of Beydaglar Mountains

One of the best Antalya restaurants is Arma Restaurant. This place has a unique view of Kalichi, the old town of Antalya. Also, you can see the beach promenade, and the Beydaglar Mountains from here. This restaurant establishes itself as one of the best restaurants in Antalya by offering quality food and proper service. Some of the manin dishes here are quality fresh seafood and great breakfast offerings. The exact location of Arma Restaurant is in Konaklı neighborhood on 146 street very close to Kaleiçi Ancient City and the Toy Museum.

Aynali located in Seljuk Neighborhood

Antalya Restaurants To Visit For Tourists And Travelers - Aynali Has A Beautiful View of The Port

Aynali Restaurant, located in the Seljuk neighborhood of Antalya, has a beautiful view of the port for you. Moreover, you can enjoy excellent quality food by watching the very good view from here. The menu of this restaurant includes seafood, Mediterranean and Turkish and you. Also, try tasting its delicious coffees and understand the real taste of Turkish coffee. This restaurant is open until late and it is possible to reserve a table as well. if you are interested in eating some good quality food then head to the beach front, very close to Old City marina to find Aynali restaurant.

Vanilla Restaurant near Hadrian’s Gate

Turkey Travel Tips - Vanilla Restaurant Provides French and International Cuisine

Vanilla Restaurant is one of the most famous Antalya restaurants. The menu of Vanilla Restaurant combines popular French and international cuisine with traditional Turkish cuisine. Furthermore, this restaurant is the best restaurant in Antalya for those who are interested in French food. The food here includes halal meat dishes, gluten-free dishes as well as vegetarian dishes. The restaurant is just a five-minute walk from Hadrian’s Gate, one of Antalya’s most iconic landmarks and its exact location is at Hesapçı street.

Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant close to Antalya Saat Kulesi

Turkey Travel Tips - Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant Offers A Variety of Foods Like Pasta

One of the attractions of this restaurant is the exciting menu, which will be very difficult to choose from. Also, delicious desserts, a variety of foods such as pasta, sushi, ‌steak and seafood at moderate prices will surprise you. Moreover, the romantic atmosphere of this restaurant has made it one of the most attractive restaurants for young couples in Antalya. Just make sure that to give them a call prior to your visit if you are planning to go there during weekends as the place gets quite crowded. The Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant is also located at Selçuk, Paşa Cami street, very close to Antalya Saat Kulesi.
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